Botox Sprinkles use the same Botox by Allergan that we all know and love but simply injected in smaller amounts than the traditional Botox Cosmetic treatment. The treatment literally “sprinkles” it around resulting in a softening of wrinkles taking the edge off of aging but not “freezing” the face.

Robin Wright, for one, has been recently featured talking about having “light Botox treatments” or Sprinkles. As an actress, she must be able to maintain the ability to visibly express, while looking her best.

If you share her treatment goals, make an appointment today for a Consultation with Dr. Volatile to see if Botox Sprinkles are right for you!

Dr. Katherine Volatile, MD

Are you longing to restore the skin of your face, hands and decollete to the clear canvas of years gone by? Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is right for anyone seeking improvement in dark spots, red spots, facial veins, fine lines and wrinkles. Winter is the best time to turn back the hands of time with our Lumenis 22 technology.

What is Intense Pulse Light? IPL is a fascinating treatment delivered in our office using a special handpiece that uses pulses of light to draw dark pigment (reds and browns) to the skin’s surface. Once the pigment is exposed, light energy is directed into the cells, which heats the pigment containing cells and breaks them apart. Your body flushes away the damaged cells through the lymphatic system. Pigment that is close to the skin surface simply falls off.

What is the downtime? There is no downtime following IPL treatment. The results will be gradual and will be best achieved with a series of 3 or more treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Interested, have more questions than answers? Call today and schedule a consult with Dr. Volatile to learn more about how IPL can Transform your skin!

You can Transform Your Skin with chemical peels. They have been around for a long time because, simply, they work. Chemical peeling is simple, safe and cost effective. Chemical peeling is a procedure wherein a chemical agent is applied to the skin that causes a controlled destruction of layers of the skin and is followed by a regeneration and remodeling, with improvement of texture and surface abnormality. Peels should be done in a series of four to six in late fall, winter and early spring. I recommend that when considering a peel that patients should start priming their skin at least 2-4 weeks prior to appointment and then discontinue product usage 3-5 days prior to the peel appointment.

The Triple Transformation Peel is one of my favorites and delivers a combination of effective acids that include Resorcinol, Lactic and Salicylic. The combination of these acids treat skin concerns such as skin discloration, uneven skin texture, fine lines and acne. The Resorcinol targets rough, textured skin and gently exfoliates. The Lactic Acid helps to improve skin tone, texture and fine lines while the Salicylic acid helps to clear pores and promote new cell growth.

As you can see, Chemical Peels treat a wide range of skin concerns and with sunscreen and a daily home skin care regimen your skin can be transformed!

I am always available for consults prior to appointments, so feel free to call and schedule one today.

We have launched our Lunch and Learn series which will be every 2 months. Our first event was last week with our special guest, Karen Weiss from Sente Skin Care. I think we all realize that taking care of our skin seems simple but we need the right tools to really be successful. Karen not only showed us what to use, when to use and how to use but allowed us to try the product too. Skin damage doesn’t happen overnight nor does the repair of our skin but following some simple steps can improve the look and feel of our skin. We are offering products specials throughout the month of December and we invite you to try Sente. Most of their product line is a 3-month supply and what have you got to lose? This is a great time of the year to launch your new skin care regimen and we believe that Sente offers the very best ingredients with a proven track record of excellence and results.

We are offering, as part of our 12 Days of Christmas, a special Sente Winter Essentials Collection – not only a great gift but an introduction to the Sente line for yourself! Don’t forget our Bella Boutique for your one-stop Christmas shopping. Gift cards, cosmetic bags and much more!

All of us at Bella Visage wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Giving Back

Giving Back

We love our patients and we are challenging you to help us supply a generous amount of frozen turkeys for children in the Buncombe County area that otherwise may not have a wonderful meal on Thanksgiving Day. Can you help us supply 50 turkey’s… I think we can do this but we need YOU. Don’t forget for every turkey you bring to Bella Visage we give you a thank you gift! Let’s make a really BIG difference for our kids!

One of the best things about being in the Medical Aesthetics business is the chance to try and personally review the wide variety of available skinceuticals on the market in this rapidly changing field.

My new favorite line is Sente! This exciting new skin care line has a new patented ingredient HSA, Heparin Sulfate Analogue. HSA is a Glycosaminoglycan and it allows nutrients to enter the cell. This encourages cellular proliferation and differentiation which, for the patient, translates to better overall skin quality. Sente is indicated for all skin types including more mature skin, sensitive skin and Rosacea as HSA has a great safety profile.

If you are looking for a simple, effective skin care system incorporating the latest scientific research with the least number of products, Sente is for you! This revolutionary skin care line reverses lines and wrinkles and evens skin tone quickly!

Please plan to attend our upcoming Lunch and Learn on November 14th. Karen Weiss, skin care expert with Sente, will be with us to answer all of your questions about this innovative new skin care system!

Please RSVP by November 11, 2018 to reserve a space and free lunch for our Lunch and Learn – 398-4600.

Welcome Fall!

Finally, we are now in my favorite time of the year – the smells, colors, crispness in the air all take me to my happy place! With fall also comes the thought that our Christmas and New Year’s events are just around the corner. I encourage you to take some time for yourself this fall  – get a HydraFacial, try IPL,  invest in medical grade products – take care of you!

Over my 7 months of working at Bella Visage I have noticed a significant change in my skin. I feel great and know that my skin is looking it’s best. I see patient’s come in discouraged but leave with a renewed confidence.

Our team can design a skin care treatment plan just for you and it’s something that we feel is unique to Bella Visage. We take the time to really listen to your needs and wants and then create the best treatment approach to fulfill those needs.

Just remember that you are Beautiful!


IPL is simply intense pulsed light applied directly to the skin in a 20-30 minutes treatment. The treatment involves minimal discomfort and you can return to all of your daily activities immediately after treatment. The PHOTOFACIAL with IPL is a 30-minute procedure in which intense pulses of light penetrate deep into the skin causing collagen […]


As my practice here at South Asheville continues to grow, I will be transitioning all my medical aesthetic patients from Looking Glass Eye Center to Bella Visage. I will only be seeing eye patients at the Looking Glass office and no longer offering Aesthetic services there. I am offering Aesthetic services on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at Bella Visage and our new Aesthetician is available Monday-Thursday for all services that she provides. It has been a pleasure serving the Hendersonville and Brevard patients for the past 15 years. Please know that I truly appreciate the continuing loyalty and support of all my Aesthetics patients. My staff and I would love to see you at Bella Visage and promise you an excellent experience at our beautiful and private new office.

Lexington Glassworks Pumpkin

Lexington Glassworks Pumpkin

We invite you to enter our raffle for this beautiful hand-blown art piece valued at $85. Make your holiday table look beautiful! Winner will be selected on October 31, 2018

Celebrate Fall with Bella Visage