Each week one of our Bella Visage staff write a blog and it has come to be a much anticipated event for me. We want our blogs to be relevant to our readers, possibly share something that is valuable, makes you smile and encourages you to come back for the next blog.

Following my heart this week, I’ve decided to write about empowering women. So many times, myself included, we tend to put ourselves on the “back burner” due to work, kids, significant others and social responsibilities but we forget about taking care of us. We take little time for health, relaxation, pampering, spending time with friends and skin care. That brings me to what I see and hear so many times in our office – women that are now at a time in their life that they look in the mirror and realize that they’ve neglected an important person – the woman in the mirror. I am that person, so I’ve started on a quest this year to take care of my needs – not in a selfish way but in a way that makes me better, stronger, healthier and happier and in return benefits those around me. I’ve switched to a Keto Diet, increased my exercise, get more sleep, read lots of books, explore and take better care of my skin! Bella Visage can do so much to enhance your natural beauty but you need to be a part of the team. A great skin care regimen that you do at home will be an important step in the success of beautiful skin. We taught our children to wash their face morning and night with warm water and then cool water, as they got older we talked about moisturizers and sunscreens, well now we need to remember those words and do that ourselves.

I invite you to join me on this journey and think about taking the next 3 months and really strive to add 3 positive things to your life – one of them being great skin care. Journal, talk, laugh, enjoy an evening with friends and share what you are learning. I feel that somewhere in the middle of this journey you will find that not only are you inspiring others you are changing your life in a very positive way. Empowering each other with uplifting words, kindness, encouragement and maybe even a hug is the true power and beauty of women!

Let’s enjoy the journey…….Geri