You can Transform Your Skin with chemical peels. They have been around for a long time because, simply, they work. Chemical peeling is simple, safe and cost effective. Chemical peeling is a procedure wherein a chemical agent is applied to the skin that causes a controlled destruction of layers of the skin and is followed […]

Are you tired of spending money on over the counter products that just don’t work? We have all done that! I would like to give you a little history as to why OTC (over the counter) products are not the same as medical grade skin care lines. I’m sure you’ve heard that any type of […]

I love new beginnings and we are excited to announce our new blog @ Bella Visage – One Girl..One Journey..One Face. Melinda Gunter, our Medical Aesthetician, brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to our team, couple that with her attention to detail, high level of care for every patient and her true love […]