Are you tired of spending money on over the counter products that just don’t work? We have all done that! I would like to give you a little history as to why OTC (over the counter) products are not the same as medical grade skin care lines. I’m sure you’ve heard that any type of skin care regimen is better than not doing anything, but that isn’t true. OTC products are typically made in large batches for the masses, they have a very low percentage of active ingredients. Much of what you are putting on your skin is fillers that actually are added to fill the space instead of  high quality, active ingredients.

OTC products contain fragrance that can cause irritation in comparison to medical grade skin care products that have little or no added fragrance. Just because a product smells good doesn’t mean that it is good for your skin. OTC skin care products also have a high PH level that can disrupt the skins natural PH balance, which can further distress your skin. Medical grade skin care products are designed to keep PH levels slightly acidic around 5.5 preventing the breakdown of the skin’s acid mantle. Our skin is designed to fight infection and environmental stresses and when our PH level is not in balance it lowers our skin’s ability to protect and fight.

OTC skin care products are also made up of large molecules that sit closer to the surface of the skin in comparison to medical grade skin care products. Medical grade products have a smaller molecular structure and can penetrate beyond the skin surface, deep into the dermal layer to boost collagen production while rebuilding and repairing the skin. OTC products are purchased more frequently because they are not concentrated and, honestly, the product does not last. Medical grade products are concentrated so a small amount goes a long way and the product last longer.

To wrap up things, does it matter – YES! We want a skin care regimen that repairs the skin, promotes rebuilding while preventing further damage. We need a product that delivers results, is cost effective and has the highest quality ingredients. When you purchase medical grade skin care products you are offering your skin what it deserve’s – the best!